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With more than 7000 dives Jackson is the most experienced Instructor of the team. Though agriculturist by training, he chose diving as a career 17 years ago and has certified more than 600 people so far. With his calm and composed conduct in the waters he is known to make most novice divers at ease.


Dickson has been diving for past 14 years, has done more than 5000 dives and certified more than 500 people. He is a friendly and patient teacher with an ever smiling face. He also holds a Masters degree in Sociology and is a great conversationalist off water.


Mandy started his career as a mechanical engineer but was drawn to diving 10 years back and decided to give up his job in a robotic company in Pune (mainland India) and settled down in Andaman with his wife to establish Ocean Tribe. With his technically inclined mind, he works really well with those diving enthusiasts who want to understand minute procedural details of the sport.


Johnny has been diving for past 10 years, has done more than 5000 dives. He is a friendly and an excellent free diver. An avid agriculturist by training.


Our youngest MSDT instructor, he’s a highly energetic and fun loving instructor who never fails to entertain divers be it on a course or a fun dive . Jeriel has been diving for past 5 years, has done more than 2000 dives and certified more than 100 people.

Dive Masters and Dive Leaders

Pothadah, Marcopollo, Bijay, Sonidas, Remulus, Rajesh, Sharath, Belgian, Anshul, Samir, Amos

Each of these dive masters have about 4 to 13 years of diving experience. They have done more than 2000+ to 4000+ dives and are known for their underwater observation and spotting skills. They facilitate excellent underwater experiences for divers of all age groups. These Dive Leaders with varied levels of expertise and experience, play an important role at Ocean Tribe.


Manish Sabade

Mr. Manish Sabade, the founder and managing director of the Guardian Corporation, is a successful entrepreneur with an avid taste for adventure. His sporting spirit has made him venture beyond his conventional business activities- into diving. An enthusiastic diver himself, he is a guide and a major source of encouragement for  Ocean Tribe.