Dive Site Information

Dive Site Depth  Boat Time Description
Wall 8-30 15-20 Best site close to the island. Octopus, stonefish, napolean wrasse and soft coral. Also a favourite for night dives
Dickson’s Pinnacle 18-30 30-45 Arguably the best dive site on havelock. Barracuda, Trevally, Napoleon fish and Rays
Jonny’s Gorge 22-28 45-60 Most likely to see sharks. Massive Groupers and huge schools of snappers are usually seen
Jackson’s Bar 23-36 60-75 The farthest of our local sites. Stingrays and Eagle rays are residents. Sharks are sometimes seen
Broken Ledge 16-26 45-60 A good site for a 2nd dive after Jackson’s Bar. Good site to see turtles
Minerva Ledge 12-22 45-60 First dived by Jacques Cousteau in the 70’s. A good follow up dive to Jonny’s gorge
Aquarium 10-14 30-45 Excellent dive site for the Open water course. Good visibility and loads of fish!
Turtle Bay Beach 8-10 20-30 A good shore dive. Most tropical reef fish and the occasional turtle or ray
Nemo Reef 0-15 10-15 Safe and sheltered site for an introductory dive or a scuba review
SS Inchket Wreck 6-18 45-60 An old Japanese Steam Ship. Plenty of fish taking shelter in the wreckage
White House Rock 10-30 45-60 Coupled with SS Inchket for a good day of diving. A pinnacle covered with white whip coral
Tribe Gate 6-14 3-8 Our “house reef”. Plenty of clownfish, the occasional ray or turtle
I-95 8-20 30-40 Plently of whip and soft corals. Good site for macro photography
Parridge 10-20 30-45 A long ridge ideal for a drift dive
V-16 16-20 45-60 Muck diving. Good for macro phtography