Activities at Ocean Tribe

Ocean Tribe has designed three levels of activities based on your interests and past experience of diving, if any. The aim is to provide you with the best services while keeping in mind your safety in the water.


Introduction Dive

If you are a first time diver and can’t wait to see the amazing underwater world, then this is for you!

This program is designed for non-swimmers. In this program we will teach you a few simple diving skills. Once you finish learning these skills, we will take you for a dive. You will dive at a maximum depth of 10-11 meters based on your comfort level, as this is also the limit for beginners.

During the dive we will capture some of your precious moments through still photos and a small video.

Dive Courses

If you want to take your diving beyond your imagination and want to dive often around the globe, you may want to get yourself certified. At Ocean Tribe, we conduct certification courses from the basic level (Open Water Diver) to the first professional level called Dive Master. We issue certificates from PADI and SSI, two of the most renowned and recognized diving authorities in the world. Based on your level of certification, you will be allowed to dive at various exotic diving locations around the globe. For this you are expected to know basic swimming. Please write to us for more details.

Fun Diving

This activity is conducted for certified divers. Ocean Tribe arranges Dive Safaris to more than 22+ locations around Havelock and Andamans depending upon the level of certification the divers hold.  Some of the most exotic locations explored by our team includes – Jackson’s Bar ,Dickson’s Pinnacle, Johnny’s George, I 95, White House Rock, Broken Ledge, Par Ridge ,Sebastian Hill ,Henry Ledge and many more …