About Havelock

Havelock Island is one of the many exotic islands in the Andaman’s (Union Territory of India) in the Bay of Bengal.  It is a combination of pristine beaches and forest cover. A rather laid back island with friendly local population, it is the most popular destination for scuba divers in Andaman’s.

One can scuba dive in Havelock throughout the year. But the year can be divided into three broad seasons.

High Peak Season- November to February. With temperature ranging from 20 to 33 degrees Celsius, this is the perfect time for a vacation at Havelock due to excellent weather conditions.

Peak Season- September to October and March to Mid-April. This is the sunny time of the year with temperature ranging from 28 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Slow Season- Mid-April to Mid-May is the warmest part of the year but is the best time to dive since the ocean is crystal clear. Mid May to August is the Monsoon time. This time of the year provides interesting diving conditions as well as a peaceful vacation to solitary divers. This season could also be light on your pocket.

Please note that, Havelock is a tropical area and you can expect intermittent showers throughout the years. So keep your rain-wear handy.

How to reach Havelock

The nearest airport is Port Blair and Havelock is connected to Port Blair by local ferries. The government ferry takes 150min. (direct) with open upper deck will cost Rs.450+. The executive ferries like Makruzz, Green Ocean and Coastal Cruise will take 90 to 120 minutes to reach Havelock which will cost around Rs.900 to 1500.

Accommodation in Havelock

Our accommodation facilities have thatched huts and concrete rooms by the beach.

Note: Prices may vary for peak season (November-January) to low season by 800-2000 Approx. 


Being an Island, Havelock is brimming with sea food joints. You may find seaside shacks and more expensive restaurants attached to various resorts around the island

Local travel

There are several options. A) Walking B) Local buses and shared Jeeps which run through the main road C) Auto Rickshaws or Tuktuks can be hired straight from the road D)Bicycles, Scooters and Motorbikes are available for hire. You may have to enquire locally for them E) Private Taxis- both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned taxis are available for hire. You may have to hire them with the help of your hotel. Everything is within comfortable walking distance, or just a short rickshaw, taxi or bike drive away. Here there are no nightclubs, shopping malls or intrusive salesmen.

Telephone/internet connectivity

Landlines/fixed phones are not very common on the island. One gets good mobile phone coverage in certain parts of the island. Internet connection is extremely unreliable and slow. It is available at very few places and is rather expensive.

Money or Money Exchange

There are two ATM machine in village no.2 available on the island. Use of credit cards is not common. It is advisable to carry cash. State Bank of India offers money change service between 11am to 1pm. (Photo copies of all travel documents needed)

Daily needs and pharmacy

There are a few grocery shops and a small pharmacy on island. If you are on specific medication, it is advisable to carry it with you.